Furniture Subscription Services: Furniture Rentals for the Indecisive Decorator

Need a short-term furniture rental, or looking for some updated rent-to-own furniture options? We've rounded up the best furniture subscription services here.

Today's busy professionals want to have the most updated things possible, and don't mind forking over a bit of cash to make that happen. The same is true for their living spaces, which must be constantly updated to reflect their current mood (and apartment size). 

You’ve been to Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s, and you probably think you’ve seen the gist of what's available for furniture rental provisions. Think again. With today’s busy professionals, students, and young parents in mind, up-and-coming brands like Fernish are upping the furniture rental game, with a goal to “redefine the way the market sees furniture rental by positioning itself as a lifestyle brand.”

Luckily, there are furniture subscription services that allow you to rent furniture, and exchange pieces whenever you want. You can even own the piece at the end of the rental. Come on in to see our favorite furniture subscription services, and see what might work well in your home.

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you prefer rental furnishings because you move often or just like to keep things minimalist in your life, it likely means more high quality brands and pieces available for rent than ever before! Some new furniture rental companies have even partnered with well-known, high quality brands like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and others to catch the approving eye of today's discerning renters. 

What's more? With EPA warnings that 9.8 million tons of furniture ends up in landfills per year, finding a way to re-use our furnishings seems a worthwhile endeavor as well. 

After scrutinizing these rental options, we've concluded the following are best-in for each category:

  • Best overall furniture rentals: Feather
  • Best furniture rental for offices: Swivelfly
  • Most unique rentable storage & shelving systems: Kamarq
  • Highest quality furniture: Fernish and Feather
  • Largest selection: Brook Furniture Rental and CORT

With all this in the works, we'd better get started! Join us for our tour of the top furniture subscription services for indecisive decorators like you.

6 furniture subscription services to furnish your home 


When Fernish co-founder Michael Barlow had to move 5 times in 6 years for his previous job as a Manhattan investment banker with J.P. Morgan, he knew something had to give. He didn’t want to purchase furniture, even though he could afford it, when doing so meant a more difficult or expensive move in the near future.

With that in mind, he set out to create a solution with co-founder Lucas Dickey (who'd had a similar issue, having moved 10 times in 13 years himself), and Fernish appeared on the scene in 2017.

Fernish now partners with Crate & Barrel, Floyd, Campaign, EQ3, Alder & Tweed, CB2, and other high quality suppliers.

To get started with Fernish, you first choose your piece, next select your subscription length, and then make your monthly payments for the designated time period. As you approach the end of your subscription, you can pay off the balance and buy the piece, swap it out with something else, or simply give it back. Simple!

More about Fernish:

Prices: There's a range. To give an example, this Campaign sofa retails at $1,195 and the payment for a Fernish monthly subscription starts at only $39. Payments change when you adjust your payment schedule to be longer or shorter, with the longer-term payment arrangements generally being lower than shorter-term ones. Find Fernish promo codes here.

Types of furniture offered: Fernish provides various types of living room, office, dining area, and bedroom furnishings. You can search through the items individually here or view the curated collections here.

Assembly required or included? White glove delivery is offered for a fee and includes light assembly and positioning of furniture. 

Subscription lease lengths/terms offered: Between 2 and 12 months - or you can just buy it outright. All subscription payments you've made actually count towards the purchase amount at the end as well.

With Fernish subscription furniture, you can subscribe to an entire room, swap out pieces you don't like, or just subscribe to specific pieces of furniture. Got a roommate or partner? You can split payments in half, too.


  • Sustainability-focused company
  • Partners with Crate & Barrel, Floyd, Campaign, and other high quality suppliers 
  • Payments made on subscription go toward paying final balance
  • Affordable payments on high quality pieces


  • Not available everywhere in the U.S. just yet - but you can check here and get on their email list for a notification when they start up in your neck of the woods
  • Items are not always new; however, Fernish uses professional cleaners to help ensure they're "like new"
  • Because it's a newer company, there aren't many Fernish reviews from previous customers available

Bottom line:

If you know you'll be moving (again) soon or just like living light, give Fernish a try. They're a reasonably-priced option for high quality furniture with an eye on sustainability and fairness (your subscription payments go toward your final payment if you want to purchase your product at the end.)


Live light as a feather with a Feather furniture subscription service, where you'll get high-quality furniture from places like Joybird, West Elm, Tuft & Needle, Casper, and Pottery Barn, but won't need to pay a huge chunk of money upfront.

Choose from Feather's unique, quality individual pieces, or opt for a time-saving curated package deal here.

The quick and easy Style Quiz (access from homepage) curates a unique package for you according to your needs and budget within 5 minutes.

More about Feather:

Prices: There's a range. For example, the Kinglet Sofa retails at $1,299, but starts at $49/month subscription payments. Prices change if you adjust your payment terms. You can also find Feather coupon codes here

Types of furniture offered: Living room, dining room, home office, bedroom, kids' room, outdoor furnishings, and lighting is available from Feather.

Assembly required or included? White glove service is offered. Some items will be delivered pre-assembled, while some larger items will be assembled upon delivery. See details here.

Subscription lease lengths/terms offered: 3-12 months. When your subscription ends, you can opt to renew and pay 15% less, swap your item/s out for something else, buy the item, or return it to them (They'll pick it up for $149.) 


  • Has a solid 4-star rating on Trustpilot after 35 reviews
  • Starts with a Style Quiz to create a custom package for you based on your tastes and budget
  • Convenient, flexible concept


  • Only available in New York City and San Francisco Bay areas
  • Some found the prices expensive
  • Being a newer company, there aren't many Feather reviews (besides the ones on Trustpilot) from previous customers

Bottom line:

If you're in NYC or San Francisco temporarily, you might want to peek at Feather. They have nice, quality pieces from modern suppliers and you don't have to commit beyond the terms of your agreement. Want to own the piece after some time? You can — but you don't have to!


If you've got an office setting to fill, check out Swivelfly for your short-term furniture needs.

If you're interested in an alternative to the usual pricey (and often unattractive) office furniture, Swivelfly lets you skip the enormous upfront costs and prevents unnecessary re-purchasing of worn out furniture within just a few years.

Just choose your plan, set your subscription terms, and add your contact and payment info. Then share your online workspace with your office colleagues to collaborate and share ideas. Once everyone's on the same page, you can ask Swivelfly's workplace designers to review your plan and help add anything that's still missing. 

Then? Swivelfly's white glove delivery and installation kicks in to make sure your office furnishings are set up properly.

Instead of making a huge payment upfront, you'll pay a small subscription fee per workspace, and only pay for what you use.  

More about Swivelfly:

Prices: There are no prices listed, but discounting per office is based on subscription duration and not unit quantity. You can add pieces as your company grows, or remove them if no longer needed. Find Swivelfly discount codes here

Types of furniture offered: There are various types of office furniture available like sit-to-stand desks, chair, workspace add-ons, and more.

Assembly required or included? White glove delivery and installation is offered with all options besides DIY Curbside Dropoff.

Subscription lease lengths/terms offered: These can range widely; the site indicates it's usually 1-8 yrs.


  • Low upfront costs
  • Modern design
  • Higher quality furniture than would normally available through renting or low-quantity buying


Bottom line:

If you've got an office to fill and plan to be there from one to eight years, Swivelfly could be for you. It provides a better option than most rental or buying options available.


With a site that offers "furniture that's there when you need it and gone when you don't", CORT lets you rent furniture for your home, office, events, life transitions, and more.

There are 156 CORT showroom locations throughout the U.S., and more in the UK. Use the site's locator to find one near you or explore for locations outside the US.

Select your furniture by the piece or by the room, and, if you like, you can opt for CORT's Move-In Ready service to help you create the perfect look.

Once everything is selected and your account is created, getting your furniture is a cinch. Just set up your preferred delivery date, sign your lease online, and pay your first month's rent. Your furniture will be at your destination within 48 hours of payment — and you can set up autopay for future payments as well.

When you hear from your CORT representative to confirm the date of delivery, you can expect to receive exemplary delivery service, including the prompt and perfect set up of every single item you've ordered.

Fast forward to the last day of your lease. Are you going to renew from month to month for no additional fees? Give CORT a call to let them know. If you prefer not to renew, schedule your furniture pick-up date up to 30 days ahead of time.

More about CORT:

Prices: Vary widely. You can rent by the room, or rent by the piece. For example, this sofa rents for $33.50/month, (no full purchase price was available), this living room set is $71.50/month, and this bedroom set is $94/month. Be sure to check here for CORT promo codes, too.

(Note: *Looks like there are special student rates going on for 3 rooms of rental furniture at $99/month right now. Sounds like a great deal, students! Check it out here. They also have a similar military discount here.)

Types of furniture offered: You can get furniture for any room of a home, office, event furnishings, etc. You can also rent housewares like Keurig coffee makers, tea kettles, indoor grills, microwaves, food processors, iron/ironing boards, etc.

Assembly required or included? CORT will deliver and set up your furniture for you.

Subscription lease lengths/terms offered: From 2 - 12 months.


  • Nice-looking options
  • Rent for any occasion, home, office, event, etc.
  • Recommended by apartment rental offices to their residents
  • Used furniture is kept in good condition
  • Helpful and friendly customer service


  • Some reported delivery date confusion
  • Some were charged for damage fees they claimed they did not do; recommended taking pictures of items the day to receive them for evidence (in case you need it in the future)

Bottom line:

CORT has one 3-star rating on Yelp and another 4-star rating. Two different addresses, but nothing specifically for online purchases. However, we feel this likely reflects average to above average provisions from the company. Be sure to keep everything in writing and take pics of merchandise received to cover yourself.


Another exciting option for furniture subscription services is the colorful Japanese-based Kamarq.

Kamarq offers short term furniture rentals in 3-month or 12-month terms, where you pay a small security deposit on top of your monthly fee to use your pieces indefinitely. Don't want to keep it after your subscription ends? Swap it for new, or return it and stop subscribing.

Once you've returned an old rental piece, if it isn't in condition for re-rental, Kamarq creates and 'eco-loop' and rebuilds it in Indonesia in an effort to avoid waste.

Creative forces behind the Kamarq brand are Nicola Formichetti, famous for collaborating with such fashion elements as Lady Gaga, and PJ Mattan, Belgian Creative Director, who also works for a variety of well-known industry clients in NYC. 

More about Kamarq:

Prices: Varies. For example, this Kube Color Box storage system is $16/month for 3 months if you choose the 3-month subscription; it's $8.00/month for 12 months if you choose the 12-month subscription. 

Types of furniture offered: Storage systems, shelving systems, planters, and things of this nature. New items are being developed in Indonesia for future sale.

Assembly required or included? You'll only need a screwdriver to do basic assembly which is shown in the enclosed instructions.

Subscription lease lengths/terms offered: Choose a 3 or 12-month plan.


  • Interesting, unique pieces
  • Can choose 3 or 12 month subscription plans
  • Good prices


  • Only available in New York and Japan
  • Limited selection
  • Very few customer reviews available

Bottom line:

Aside from a New York Times article and 1 5-star Google review, customer reviews are sparse. However, the few items available look modern and unique, and there's more to come according to the website.

Brook Furniture Rental

You can rent for the home or the office at Brook Furniture Rental. For the home, you can rent by the piece or the package.

More about Brook Furniture Rental: 

Prices: Varies with item and subscription period. For example, this sofa is $139/month with a 6-month subscription, and $111.20/month with a 12-month subscription.

Types of furniture offered: For home furniture rentals, you can rent living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, electronics, housewares, lamps, accessories, and more. For office furniture rentals, you can get desks, chairs, tables, reception furniture, accessories, and more.

Assembly required or included? White glove service is offered free of charge with some orders, for a fee with others; details here.

Subscription lease lengths/terms offered: Choose from 1, 2, or 3-month subscriptions, or get a 10% discount for a 6-month subscription or a 20% discount for a 12-month subscription.


  • Nice selection of both home and office furnishings 
  • Maintains a 4.5 star rating on Yelp
  • Reliable delivery and pickup
  • Helpful assistance with your transitional needs


  • Some said they were charged an incorrect amount after returning their rentals
  • Some reported furniture delivered was not in good condition

Bottom line:

Most recent customer reviews reported 4 and 5-star service and products from Brook Furniture Rental. We suggest getting all agreements in writing as always, including insurance and security deposit requirements, before conducting any transactions.


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