Bunk Bed Safety

How safe is it for your children to have a bunk bed - find out here

When thinking about bunk bed safety, you really should be asking yourself, "Is any bed safe?" The answer to the worry that all parents face when it comes to their children’s safety may not be what you want to hear. There are virtually limitless types of bunk beds to choose from; however, the key here is research. The three things you want to look for are: stability, durability, and surprisingly, general public reviews.

Bunk beds may look sturdy enough, but the truth is the best beds are made of solid wood. This might prove a feat to move if you like to rearrange furniture, so make sure that where you build or assemble it is where you plan on keeping it. Metal bunk beds can prove to be flimsy without the proper assembly. Also, the best thing you can do while in the process of assembly is to ensure that each bed has its own set of slats or grating in order to support the mattress; these may also be called spacers and typically do not inhibit the sleeper's comfort.

The durability of a bunk bed is also very important as this is a piece of furniture that was obviously meant to be used for a long time. There are models that can come apart from each other with relative ease and create two twin beds for use later in college or as your children grow up. A good, solid wood bunk bed is typically more durable than medium density fiber board or metal models. A solid wood bunk bed provides a lot of support when put together the right way (as touched on above).

Lastly, there are many ways to find reviews and opinions online about certain bunk beds. This is very important because the idea behind a review of a product is, “Honesty is the best policy.” Acquiring the right type of bunk bed not only for your home and children, but also for your sanity is truly important and without the right kind of in-depth research, a product can fall short of your expectations or hopes.

The most important thing to remember is to user safety. If your children are young or wild beyond belief, this is not the product for them. Most models recommend that your child is six years or older to be allowed on the top bunk; different models have different maximum weight limits that will always be include with a product description or online. A bunk bed is no place for horseplay, just as the name suggests.


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